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Defiled Skilling @ peak Efficacy


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Welcome to my Peak Efficacy guide!

First off I'm gonna tell you to start with a few commands to remember
::vote / ::redeemvote all 1
::referral  followed by youtube such as rsorig


First off when you first join you'll be given a tour by the defiledpvp guide but its really not that in-depth, I'd suggest starting with slayer or other skills slayer masters are north-east of the home bank, as for starting with skills you have to start out with finding the proper skill spots / areas, many people are willing to help but the server also follows osrs a bit, 
as for slayer beware the wilderness as it's not safe! You might get killed by another player and lose bank, however during slayer tasks you can gain pvm / slayer boxes

while doing any skilling activity you will gain a skilling pack at random intervals so the best think to do is doing a semi afk skill like fishing/ wc/ mining to gain the skilling packs. so for peak training just afk some skills and gain packs.  


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