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1/10/2023 Updates


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The following pieces of skilling outfits give bonus XP in their respective skills:

Spirit Angler
Golden Prospector.
The Vote command is now one of the following: "::claimvote, ::redeemvote, ::voted"

It should now automatically claim all of your available votes.
Ash sanctifier can now be purchased in the PVM shop for Normal players and Ironmen. And should now work properly.
Thammarons scetpre should now work properly.
Claim commands have been disabled while in tournament.
30 Minute Double drop scrolls added to the task shop @ home.
Although it says daily tasks, you can do complete more than one set per day. theres no cap.
Skilling box rareness has been increased.
You can now range / mage portals at pest control.
Ironman BM and PVM Shop rework.
Bandit teleport is now instanced to prevent DCing and bugging of the account. it should also be a safe death.
Revs drop tables fixed.
Defiled Raids soft release(BETA) , (SOLO). ( SUBJECT TO CHANGE )
magic guild shop npcs accessible by irons now.
Double weekend xp is now active.
Fixed an unlimited prayer bug from Chambers.
Adjusted how the Defiled raids is handled. Hopefully should make its own map each time.
Defiled Raid is now usable in a party!.
Defiled Raid teleport added in teleports under bosses. This is a safe death BUT if you die. you do NOT get loot even if your team continues on!

It is still just the 2 boss fights, I'm working on adding more!
Our home map has been slightly changed, and now displays properly in the world map!
Emblems are Revenants now give MORE GP!
Ring of endless I and normal variant now auto pickup ancient shards.
Gauntlet HP Lowered to 600.
Nomad HP Lowered to 1500
Void slayer helm now works like witchwood icon.
Chests added back to home, Altar now usable again.
Defiled Raids map handling and reward chest rework (Still needs work let me knw if you find bugs )
Endless recoil + Endless recoil I Now properly pick up ancient shards and other things.
Seren has been added to Defiled raids for room 3
TOB Prayer issue has been resolved.
Defiled raids no longer spawns 2 npcs in each room!
Tool leprechaun will now teleport you to trees or herb patches by talking to him.
Elven crystal chest should now work @ home.
Some other things have been reworked, such as drop tables for defiled raids.

I added a slight change to how world XP is added up, Lmk if there are in problems.
- Zuk helm now covers whole face
- Void Slayer helm now stops damage been dealth in smokey dungeon

- Loyalty chest has been fixed.
- Tournament rework. Viewing orbs added.
- World tags removed from bosses and yell.
- Shade from yell removed.
- You can no longer bank inside Gauntlet.
- You can no longer Bank inside Challenge mode Chambers of Xeric.
PVM Points removed! Replaced with Loyalty points. Loyalty points are gained from being active on the server and checking your chest every day!
You can no longer ::B inside tournament waiting area.
You can no longer teleport out of inside tournament waiting area.
You can no longer keep relogging for loyalty points.

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