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1/13/2023 - 1/17/2023


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- Spirit angler outfit can now be worn
- When leaving a raid you now restore health prayer etc
- Onyx now costs 300k tokkul
- Iron Donator + recieves noted ores when mining
- Iron Donator + recieves noted fish when fishing
- Iron Donator + recieves extra 10 minnows when fishing minnows
- luxury boxes now have 1m cash added to loot table
- Cosmetic items in luxury box have had their broadcast remomved
- Pvm Scratch cards have had their loots adjusted
- Cosmetic items in Donator scratch cards have had their broadcast remomved
- Removed Arcane/spectral shields from Legendary box
- Amethyst Arrow heads/darts added to Mystery box
- Dragon dart tips added to mystery box
- Removed stuff from winter box
- Items inside raid shop have been removed for now
- Defiled Raids has been buffed and modified. Seren and Yama now have minions.
- New Fountain of Enchantment object.
- Upgrade table turned fixed object and moved.
- Reworked Vote and in game donator store.
Glistening tears shop added to woodcutting guild in first building.
- Defiled raids should now let you loot chest
- No longer can you get loot cache from bandits.
- Tormented bracelet(or) now has the correct magic defence
- Luxury boxes reworked
- If you're a donator when cutting logs you will recieve noted ones too
- Slayer reset task is now available from Slayer masters
- Reworked Vote and in game donator store.
- Fixed death mechanic with staff
- IF a boost is active in well, you can now click it in your quest tab to see how long is left.
- Reduced bloody money from starter box
- Bloodhound pet reduced drop chance to 10%
- Mental xp mode now only has a 12% drop rate bonus
- Ava's assembler(l) should now pick up arrows
- Lunar ring now has no stats 
- Fight caves waves now scale to your donator rank
- Dragon donator can now choose their slayer task only
- Dragon donators now automatically have their patches ultracomposted
- UltraCompost should now able to be use by normal accounts
- Removed Nightmare items from nmz
- Blood money is now removed from inside raids/Tob
vampyre dust now works with ash santifier
Seren slightly nerfed.
Staff members can now unlock and move players home via discord bot.

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