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1-New Boss released! Nomad - Redesigned. His loot table it pretty unique and drops items that you are all after! Such as Donator coins, Luxury boxes, the TOA Fang and TOA Staff and Blood Scroll! More to be added in the future.


2-Winter box added to the Online Donator store!.


3-Christmas is here! Members, Come grab your presents from the tree! When throwing snow balls at players you get randomly 1-3 snow ball points that will be used in the upcoming Christmas Shop!


4-Christmas store is now available!


5-New Boss has been released! Yama! Eldinis' Ward and (or) variant released! Osmenten fang (or) Released Fang and fang (OR) now have special attack!


6-TOB is now VERZIK ONLY FOR TODAY! Nomad slightly nerfed Snow graphics removed from edgeville


7-Custom Nightmare zone released, Save up points and buy Nightmare items from here! Such as inquisitor and nightmare staff! Slayer box added to slayer reward shop for 150 slayer points each! Verzik event has been concluded!


8-NMZ has been fixed, Will now display what wave you're on and points received so far. Pet mystery box added to online donator store.


9-Voting has been converted to everythingrs, To claim votes type ::redeemvote all 1 and itll claim any availble votes you have.


10-Pkmode Removed and changed to normal. Normal xp mode is 75X. Easy decreased to 50x Added new avernic defender, piece to upgrade it is on yama drop table.


11-Gauntlet has been released, It is the fight only, and to choose your gear click the tool storage in the middle of the starting room after entering. OH YEAH and lights now work properly for COX loot!


12-Challenge mode Chambers of Xeric (Beta) Released. (olm only for event this weekend) To choose Challenge create your party like normal and then click the Challenge mode button from inside the noticeboard interface Ancestral CM and Tumeken Shadow CM Released. Scroll for upgraded Shadow and Ancestral CM Added to Challenge mode loot table. redeeming the votes command has been fixed. The command is ::redeemvote all 1


13-Battlepass reward rework. If you purchased it, it should have restarted and I'll refund you it. Nerfed leveling battlepass with magic, So now its the proper speed. and isn't instant. Crystal trees added. You can now see Crystal tree and shooting star location in quest tab. New GFX added for the animation for Tumeken Shadow (CM) Added a setting in quest tab far right icon for hiding PVM Point messages. Removed the message it shows when giving you blood money from npc kills

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