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29/01/2023 Update log


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Hello Defiled players!


As you might already know we are moving server base to better and stronger one! There is loads to work to do but here is some work we have already done!

- Overload heart implemented (still to add model etc)
- rune platelegs chance adjusted thorugh c keys
- Onyx added to crystal chest
- Ranger boots added to crystal chest
- Enchanced crystal keys can be made
- Enhanced crystal chest should not be able to be looted
- Enhanced crystal chest loot matches osrs
- Special attack for Zaryte Cbow should be done(need to add anims)
- Home teleport coords changed on normal spell book
- Sang staff now has correct attack speed
- Sang staff correct definitons
- Tumekend Shadow stuff added
- Added a number of NPC Drop processors
- Removed unwanted men & women from edgeville
- Zahur moved to near edge furnace
- Emblem trader moved to new location near edge bank
- Divine potion stuff added to herb skill
- Added ::sire for admins so we can quickly teleport there
- Pick a task now works when talking to duradel
- If you aren't onyx/zenyte donator pick a task wont allow you too.
- Added Community manager role to server. need to add crown image
- Started working on TOB/Abyssal sire(these are still both a work in progress and will not work)
- Model for Overload heart added, Placeholder added.
- Placeholders for Defiled Justiciar and Bloody scythe added.
- Duplicated Rejuv pool and set new objectID With parser and put in edge in place of restoration box.
- Duplicated the Altar of the occult and added it to edge. (Added proper animation)
- Other slayer npcs added to edgeville jail.
- Fixed edgeville trapdoor having wrong coordinates.
- Moved max hit dummys to north of edge bank.
- Bonds will now add credits to your account when redeeming them for the future in-game donator store.
- Our custom hotkeys are back! Cntrl + h teleports home, cntrl + t opens the teleports.
- Torva added with placeholders / notes
- Added blood fury and its effect.
- In-game donator shop has been added.
- For the time being ruby+ Donators can use ::b
- ::Teleports has been added


Loads more to come so stay tuned!


Community manager : Kokobino


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